John’s Workshop

This was John’s first workshop for us, and, like all the best workshops, it was intriguingly simple. He had garnered some fifty pub names from around the country, and asked us to take a couple and see where they led us. I think we were initially startled by the sheer eccentricity of many British pub names, but they quickly led us down some very colourful writing paths.

A Nest of Mabels took us into fantasy land, while The Sweaty Socks was literally more down to earth! We had a wonderful skit on the iconic Radio 4 Just a Minute, provoked by two pub names, The Kings Cabbage and A Whole Lot of Water, and a hilarious poem inspired by The Sarsaparilla and Swede.

There was the usual extraordinary variety, an OCD chap trapped in a bubble bath that was the The Barf Holster, sadly The Squeaking Contraption ran out of time but left us dying for a conclusion, a lovely skit on Irish Catholicism, a reminiscence involving  the old parental dictate of always having clean undies “in case you are in an accident” and a Victorian pickpocket in Hastings. And, in this referendum week, a Dutch pub, The 13th Fiddler, was our only nod to the EU, with a comical plea for equality for all alcohol!!

As always, I have just skimmed over 20 delightful and inventive pieces, all written in 20 minutes without prior notice of the subject. I am so proud of what we do at Shorelink, and the energy and camaraderie which is implicit in the group.

Thank you, John, we shall look forward to your next one!



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