Lucette’s Workshop

Lucette’s workshop certainly made us get those little grey cells whirring around. She presented us with 15 quotes, without any clues even to the authors of them, and gave us 20 minutes to write something that any one of them triggered. One of us, (OK, it was me), failed miserably, all I could manage was a piece of doggerel about writers block. But Lucette forgave me and we moved on to the 17 writers who had produced some witty and clever work.

And what a variety! Chaps ascending, rather than descending, from garage roof tops, some time travel involving Hitler and Himmler, a delightful fantasy centring on a witch doctor and a proclamation involving Satan and hell. And that was just for starters. There was a fun one about efforts to bury some unwanted possessions to make a time-capsule, a somewhat dismissive tour of Washinton DC, an actress forced into stripping, and a trangender Andy Murray (don’t ask!). And I was especially taken with a very creepy one about a church-going woman being stalked – or was she?

And that’s just a  small taste of a typically inventive Shorelink evening. It was fun.

Thanks, Lucette.




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