Stephen’s workshop

Stephen’s workshop was deceptive – much harder than it appeared.. Draw one or two  (unseen) animals from the proffered bag and then write a story or a poem featuring human interaction with them.

As always, we rose to the challenge. Bears brought forth a dreamy tale concerning Ursa Major and Minor, mouse inspired an exotic telling of an imprisoned princess using her hair to make a cage for her only friend, and then there was a hilarious story of being raised by wolves in the middle of Tunbridge Wells.

A yarn about meercats and video-making was followed by a  delightful poem about the importance of our dogs in our lives which had us all going ‘aaah’, and a not-quite-tragic tale of Tufty the red squirrel enlivened the mix. And there was a lot more, of course. The mystery of Shergar was solved, rather surprisingly involving a Chinese takeaway, and we were amused by Bayswater resident Percy the python who turned out to be pregnant Penelope.

Dolphins, sharks. pigeons, pandas, foxes and hedgehogs, parrots and pigs! – all (well, nearly!) animal life was here. Thanks, Stephen, you really made us get our heads down and it was great fun.

No meeting next week as it is a Bank Holiday.

Back on April 4th, for a reading week, optional theme: Nothing is easy in this life, not when it comes to…

Happy Easter!   Sally


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