Sally’s Workshop

When a member falls ill, I usually juggle the programme around, but it seemed easier this time to volunteer myself. A long-time movie buff, I filled Ro’s cap with some very obscure film titles and asked everyone to pick one and then use it to inspire them. And, as always, Shorelinkers piled in with a will and produced some splendid stuff. There were 22 of us and also a guest, Bev, who had come to speak to us about the Hastings Domesday Book project, so we were only allowed a mere 20 minutes to produce our masterpieces.

As so often, humour reigned supreme and many people produced hilarious pieces. To mention just a few: the Eiffel tower being delivered to Paris, Texas, the Geisha shopping for groceries in her wooden shoes, some very small polygamous dwarves, a fisherman who caught a mermaid and the ensuing marital friction,  a story about an undercover man selling duvets (get it?!) – this one was accompanied by some great vocals – and the paramedics given a safe combination and struggling about whether to give CPR or get rich quick.

We had some creepy ones as well – a malevolent shadow on the wall, a couple of murder stories, a Victorian urchin thrust into the afterlife while insisting to St Peter that he could ‘take it with him’, and some mountaineers in Greece literally left hanging.

Then there was a great poem about the inherent schizophrenia of  cats, and a terrific pastiche of The Archers. And so many more – another terrific and inventive evening.

Thank you all!  Sally


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