Inheritance Tracks

It has become a Shorelink tradition to start the year with something different from our usual pattern, and last night members brought along their ‘inheritance tracks’, ie something, anything, that has special resonance for them. (Radio 4 listeners will recognise the concept!) We had originally planned to do this at our AGM but we ran out of time.

With their usual enthusiasm, everyone produced some fascinating stuff. I loved the reminiscences about Saturday morning cinema in the 50’s, and children’s radio from roughly the same period. I am one of those who are old enough to remember Dick Barton, Special Agent and The Goon Show!

Several folk recollected the first record they ever bought with their own money, and Don Maclean’s American Pie provoked considerable nostalgia, as did the glam rock track someone else played. Another member brought along Queen’s The Love of my Life, and talked about singing her son to sleep with this beautiful song.

One of our (already award winning!) poets impressively performed his entry for another nation-wide competition, and a couple of cat-lovers read enchantingly from Old Possums Book of Cats.  Into this pot-pourri of reminiscence was a lyrical description of the images drawn by the dancing branches of an ancient oak, a fascinating ‘carpenter’s box’ containing a 1913 penny, and a description of a film fan becoming totally tongue-tied on meeting her cinematic hero, Gene Kelly.

There was loads more, of course, but hopefully that’s a taste of the evening. It felt good to be back and enjoying another lively meeting. Back to normal next week. First reading week of the year, the optional theme is Why life is just hilarious. See you there!        Sally


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