Happy Christmas

As I may have mentioned before, we Shorelinkers do love a party, and a Christmas one is a absolute must. Luckily for me, all the hard work is done by our treasurer and administrator, which is why I am slightly unsure of how many of us there actually were last night (though the other reason might be some rather good wine…). But certainly there must have been about 30 of us, all dolled up in our festive gear and rarin’ to party – and we sure did!

We changed our venue this year and went to The New Inn at Westfield, where we were not only offered a scrumptious menu, but had the added bonus of seeing the wonderful, hilarious, fairyland which the village becomes every Christmas in order to raise money for St Michaels Hospice. Even Scrooge might have been instantly cheered if he had passed this way, it is an irresistible sight. Well done the good people of Westfield who work so hard to achieve it.

I think I can speak for everyone in saying that we had a lovely evening. Everything felt right, the food, the decorations, the smiling and helpful staff – and, of course, the superb company.

If I may misquote twice – God bless us everyone, and have yourselves a very merry Christmastide!

See you next year, January 11th to be precise.  Sally xxx


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