Tony M’s Christmas Quiz

The Shorelink Christmas kicked off last night with Tony M’s Christmas quiz. Our Quiz Master arrived in full Sherlock Holmes gear which immediately hinted that this was going to be a bumpy ride. And I do indeed think the great man himself might have struggled with some of the questions. But, bedecked in an assortment of Christmas gear, including flashing antlers, glowing noses and Santa hats, and sorted into teams of four, we got out heads down and did our best. We were sustained by the choccy presents Sherlock had placed on our tables.

Sherlock had definitely done his homework. Questions on Christmas traditions such as What happens to children’s letters addressed to Santa at the North Pole? and Who invented carol singing? had us suitably bemused, and that was only the first round. We thought things could only get better, but we were wrong. The next round taxed our poor brains even more. Well, do you know when electric lights were first used to celebrate the season, or the original name of Christmas puddings? If you do, where were you when we needed you?

The music round was relatively painless, by which I mean we actually got some of the answers, as we did with the seasonal film round which followed. And we loved the pantomime round. I’ll pass quickly over the true or false round, although one team did really well on this; sadly the rest of us floundered pathetically.

Needless to say, there was a huge amount of laughter and an equal amount of haranguing the Quiz Master, in fact, a good time was had by all! Thank you and well done, Tony.

This was our last meeting of this term, although next Monday we shall be celebrating Christmas in style with a sumptuous Christmas meal. This year we shall be dining in Westfield, surely the Blackpool of the south with its wonderful display of Christmas lights.

We shall return on January 11th.  Our 2016 programme can be downloaded from the bottom of the ‘Our Meetings’ page.  Here’s to a great Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.      Sally


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