Tony B’s workshop

Last night had a bitter-sweet tinge, as we were saying goodbye to two of Shorelink’s stalwarts for many years, Frank and Linda, who are moving away to Wales next week. We know they won’t lose touch (once a Shorelinker, always a Shorelinker!) but we will miss their presence at our meetings.

However, Tony B, who had taken over the workshop at quite short notice, had designed something to take our minds off some rather emotional farewells and, as usual, the RVS centre soon rocked with laughter at many of the wonderfully imaginative offerings.

Tony’s plan was to turn us into liars for the evening. He gave each of us a statement to read out, which we then had to explain so convincingly that we would be believed. Now, if that sounds easy, here are some of the statements: I was Liberace’s love child, I ran away at 13 to live with the gypsies, I won Eurovision for Estonia – you see what I mean?

Twenty-two writers scribbled frantically for the best part of half an hour and produced some gems. Lurking in among our members we apparently have Banksy, the Messiah, a male pole dancer, a male stripper (yes, before you ask, they later discussed the possibility of a becoming a double act!), a sadistic pirate, a mournful alien and the world champion pickled onion eater – to name but a few.

Thank you, Tony. It was just right for the occasion. I think Frank and Linda will regard it as a suitable swansong and hopefully remember it with affection. Bon voyage, you two, and thank you for all you have done for Shorelink.

Next week is the last ‘reading’ week of term, the optional theme is: When poetry meets crime.        

See you there.      Sally


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