Sian’s Workshop

The main purpose of our bi-weekly workshops is obviously to inspire creativity, and this one succeeded resoundingly. Sian covered a table with a motley assortment of items, everything from jewellery to intriguing period documents, and asked us to pick one. Our task was then to regard it as a newly arrived and unexpected gift, and reply to the donor. The missives that followed were as varied as the articles.

Once again, it quickly became obvious that Shorelinkers have a penchant for the macabre. We had several murder attempts, one especially gory one set in a prison laundry, and another describing an attempt to demolish an unsavoury relation against the background of Snowden Mountain Railway. Then there was the 60-year-old woman sent a yo-yo by her ancient and forgetful aunt, who managed to demolish half the neighbourhood with it. We had two cat stories, Satan the vampire cat lingers in the mind, and a spy thriller starring a Rubik’s Cube. An identity card provoked a funny but slightly chilling note with the assumption that 70 years ago things had gone the other way.

And some more gentle ones, including the one about the duplicate key that opened a dead father’s brief case, revealing his letters, and a poem about the nostalgia of Christmas decorations. As always, I can only touch on a few of the stories here, but we also visited the Forbidden City, mused on chopsticks and the various uses of garters, reminisced about the ’87 hurricane – in fact, it was a typical Shorelink evening. Inventive and funny, everything you could ask from a workshop. Thank you, Sian.

Next Monday’s optional theme: Revenge is sweet. Hmm. I’m bracing myself already!      Sally


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