Ro’s Workshop

Ro’s workshops are always fun, and this one was no exception. We were given a newspaper cutting, telling us about the discovery of a secret door that had been concealed for a thousand years in the walls of Hasting Castle, and informed that a Shorelinker was going to be the given the privilege of being the first person to go through the door into the hidden room. Tonight’s task was  to write about what we might find in there..

As you might expect, some very creepy tales emerged, and a wonderfully imaginative rewriting of local and national history. A truly sinister story of one Shorelinker falling thru the door into a wormhole and becoming imprisoned for eternity silenced us for a whole two seconds while we contemplated this fate, but we were quickly revived by more tales of outlandish happenings. These involved Harold (of course – and still going on about that eye), William, Richard the third, Alistair Crowley, Prince Erasmus of France and Princess Desdemona of Seddlescombe – amongst many others. There was much sending up of Ro, of course, and another common theme was contemplation of one thousand years of odours in the room, obviously we Shorelinkers have very sensitive noses. The one thing all twenty-two stories had in common was that not one of them ended happily, murder and mayhem ruled OK. So, as you can tell, a hilarious and creative time, was had by all. Thanks, Ro!

Next week is a reading week, and the optional theme is Of all the bars in all the world –now that should be interesting! Sally


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