Alvin’s workshop

Our first workshop of the new term, and who better to host it than our vice-chair, Alvin? And this was a thoroughly well-researched and thoughtful workshop.

His intention was to inspire us to write a story, by presenting us with a list of suggestions regarding how to people it, where to set it, the kind of climactic incident that might provide its central plot and many other ideas. It worked resoundingly well. The usual eclectic mix of Shorelinkers knuckled down and produced nineteen stories which ranged from the macabre to the hilarious. We were only allowed about twenty minutes to write our mini-masterpieces, in order to allow time for everyone to read back after the break.

We kicked off with a wonderful Irish pastiche encompassing aliens and Catholicism (you had to be there!), and then galloped through police stations, hospitals, schools – a vast variety of settings and characters. We had a gay ( and rapacious!) divorcee, a tortoise with an inferiority complex, a very sinister affair involving a kidnapped wife, several revelations concerning the results of blood tests, and the occasional serial killer. And many, many others!

All in all, it was good to see Shorelink in such sparkling form – well done, everyone!  Reading week next week, and the optional theme is The Long and the Short of it. See you there.



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