Summer summary!

Well, as I said in my previous blog, it has been a busy Shorelink summer. Last weekend saw our official party, held in Tony B and John’s lovely garden in Hastings Old Town. This is the party where our more extrovert members get up and entertain the others.

And led by Tony M and Alvin, so they did. These two stalwarts have recently revived their group, now renamed Rebellion, and will be performing at Battle Memorial Hall, amongst other venues, in September. They kept us amused while we basked in the sun and indulged in the splendid refreshments supplied by Tony B. The weather was once again fantastic – no doubt about it, the sun does shine with remarkable regularity on Shorelink events.

Summer is finally waning, and we are nearly at the start of term again. Continuing with the tradition started some years ago by Bill, we will kick off with a (mainly literary) quiz on Monday, 7th September, to be followed on 14th by a reading week with the optional theme, chosen by one of the members: It will all end in tears.    



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