The Shorelink summer

We Shorelinkers regard the summer break as a time for partying and celebrating our enjoyment of literature and life in general. Not for us the doleful cry of ‘see you in September’ at the end of tem.

No, the very next Monday saw twenty-five of us sitting down to our ‘sunset supper’ in a local sea-side restaurant. The wine flowed, as did the conversation and the laughter.  It was a delightful, convivial evening.

Less than two weeks later, Ro and I threw a ‘dog party’ at our cottage in Brede. Do NOT misunderstand that term please, reader! Just behave yourself! It really was a dog party – we have three dogs who were acting as co-hosts, and two Shorelinkers brought their dogs along to join in the fun. So twenty-seven people plus five dogs enjoyed the sun (it was a glorious afternoon) and chatted as they partook of refreshments, both liquid and edible. The only stand-offish ones were our cats, who eschewed the celebrations, merely passing by occasionally and obviously regarding the whole affair as beneath them.

For anyone wanting to avoid the canine affection for a while, we do provide a dog-free zone in the form of a sunny and sheltered courtyard, and it was here that the more intellectual conversations took place during the afternoon. Well, that’s what they claimed, anyway!

It was a lovely, lazy afternoon, and Ro and I so enjoyed once more welcoming Shorelinkers into our home. As one comparatively new member said to me recently, ‘Being a Shorelinker is a way of life, isn’t it?” It certainly is!

So, onwards and upwards to our next summer party in two weeks time, which is at Tony and John’s house in Hastings Old Town. That’s the one where some of the talented performers in our group entertain us, will be, of course, great fun. Oh, and we will get to hear the rest of those ‘inheritance tracks’ we didn’t have time for at the AGM.

So – watch this space.               Sally


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