Almost all Shorelinkers came to our AGM, and as always, it was an excellent evening. We deserted the RVS Centre for the palatial home of our treasurer, which added to the delightful informality of the evening.

Our treasurer began proceedings by summing up our expenditure and explaining where our weekly £2 goes. We heard that once rent, insurance, refreshments and occasional expenses are paid, most of our money comes back to us in the form of subsidies for our celebratory events, such as our end-of-term dinner next week. Thanks to his good management, we still manage to finish the year with money in hand and, at the moment, see no reason for raising the weekly amount.

As chair, I congratulated the group on the continuing high standard of work in both prose and poetry, and went on to summarise the Shorelink year, citing 18 in-house workshops, 19 reading weeks and 3 literary quizzes as proof of our industry. Also, Sian, Adele and I have all published novels this year, Alvin has won a prestigious poetry prize, Lucette has expanded her web site: www.redhotchillinews.com and Tony became ‘Mr Hastings Town’ on the cover of the eponymous magazine, for which he writes regularly.

We have hosted 2 Short Fuse 1066 evenings; with the next one to take place in October (see our Short Fuse page for more information). We have also held two parties, two outings to Azur for dinner, and one theatre trip. So I think you could say that we have been quite busy!

I took the unusual step of asking if the committee would all stand again as they have done such an excellent and supportive job this year, and happily they all agreed. So once we were officially re-elected en masse, the committee held a quick meeting to appoint its officers, and our secretary declared the meeting closed.

Then we got on to the fun part of the evening. Our vice-chair had a very special birthday, and we took him by surprise (I think) with bottles of bubbly and a candle-lit birthday cake and a good deal of off-key rendering of ‘Happy Birthday’, followed by some delicious refreshments supplied by our host and his partner.

But the evening was still young, and we had previously flagged up that we would like to hear everyone’s ‘inheritance tracks’. Almost every person had brought along a piece of music, prose, poetry, photo or object that had some special significance to them and it made for some fascinating listening. So much so that we ran out of time, and are hoping to hear the rest at one of our two summer parties in August.

So watch this space – term may have ended, but our activities have definitely not! Sally.


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