The Two Chris’s Workshop

This was an ingenious workshop. It began with a short quiz, giving several scenarios with  choices as to which was the actual, authentic outcome. We proved to be quite good at identifying the correct answer, but then we had to choose one the various situations and use it as the basis of the evening’s work. A largish proportion of us chose the third of the six options:

In 1621, a gamekeeper was accidentally shot and killed during a shoot at Bramshill Park, Hampshire , the errant marksman was:

  1. The King’s eldest son, Charles
  2. The Archbishop of Canterbury
  3. The wife of the King of France.

Having rightly identified the Archbishop as the hapless perpetrator we proceeded to run with it, as you can imagine! One story involved a play on the word ‘duck’ (a bird shoot, remember – please concentrate), another, a salacious incident with the French Queen, and yet another revenge in the form of a ‘birds eye view’ (think about it). We also had him inadvertently involved in a Cromwellian plot  (please note, Oliver’s dad, for all the historians out there), feuding with the Duke,  and several time tripping over his cassock.

There was also a glorious poem about Greek cab drivers, a portrayal of Hitler as a frustrated movie star, more frustration for an inefficient time-traveller, and even more for an aristocrat with an adulterous wife. And a hilarious depiction of butcher posing as a heart surgeon.

That’s just the tip of the ice-berg, 17 people all wrote and then read back brilliantly and we had another terrific, laughter-filled evening. See you next Monday for the last reading week of term, Ro thought of the optional theme: Is there anybody there?  I’m sure there will be!    Sally


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