Jenny’s Workshop

Who would have thought that a list of 1950’s song titles would have inspired such an eclectic and fascinating selection of work? Well, Jenny did, obviously, so well done that woman! Twenty titles, twenty-two people – and what fun we had.

The Purple People Eater turned up in several guises: as pale convert to vegetarianism, a nightmare lurking under our beds, a stalker in New York and as Basil, a very reluctant people eater. We also had, amongst others, a handyman/ assassin (lots of blood involved there), an elderly husband-hunting swinger, a cowboy from Detroit, trouble with non-returning boomerangs and several people wearing red feathers (OK, so you had to be there…).

Two people did quite inspired pieces using an amalgam of all the titles. Stories, reminiscences, some beautiful love poems, and of course, some funny ones – apparently Stupid Cupid ‘shot his arrows rather wide, so half his victims went and died’. I may be misquoting a bit but you’ll get the idea!

In fact, it was another terrific evening reflecting all human (and inhuman!) life. Well done, everyone!

A Reading week next week, optional theme, A Churchyard.    See you there.  Sally


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