Helen and Mandy’s workshop

This workshop was notable for its elegant simplicity. Helen and Mandy filled a large table with an assortment of art works and graphic illustrations, some in books and brochures and others on post cards. ‘Be inspired’ they ordered, as we oohed and aahed over the stunning collection they had gathered together, and we were.

Shorelinkers are always high on humour, and the first picture, Garden through a window, inspired an all too believable piece about neighbours at war. We moved swiftly on to a piece about the debatable joys of climbing building exteriors after dark, which set the pattern for an evening of inventive and absorbing writing.

Time machines, a malevolent mattress, the original brass monkey, a story about a model railway with romantic undertones, another about a suicide attempt foiled by a dog,  an appraisal of Proust,  a lesson on dealing with aggrophopbia, stories of love and loss – and that is just a smattering.  All human life was indeed there. Eighteen pieces in all, poetic, funny, thoughtful and even educational. A great workshop. Thanks, girls! Sally.


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