Tony B’s Workshop

Tony B’s workshop was entitled The Great British Day Trip. To a man (and woman, of course) we knew immediately that disaster loomed. What else could that title possibly presage? Just to make sure, Tony read us a couple of examples that he had written, and laid out various postcards to inspire us, everything from the Norfolk Broads to Stately Homes, taking in a few other beauty spots and a zoo by the way.

Our stories were a mix of the touching, the hilarious and the plain daft,  encompassing a family outing to the Biggin Hill air show, a disastrous day at the races and two (very different!) ‘mystery’ tours. Needless to say, there were also several ‘sand in the sandwiches’ days out. Where would we be without the family day out on the beach? Peacefully staying at home might be one conclusion. We were also treated to a Pam Ayres style poem, and a rap!

No-one listening in last night could have doubted that food is high on Shorelinker’s priorities – there were some mouth-watering hamper contents, listed in detail! Another fun workshop, thanks, Tony.

No Shorelink next week, as it’s the May Bank Holiday. The (as always, very optional) theme for the following reading week is The Butterfly Effect.

See you there. Sally


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