Stephen’s Workshop

Stephen’s first workshop for us concentrated on enhancing our dialogue skills. He asked everyone to choose from a wide variety of situations, and then illustrate that scenario mainly though dialogue. Some decided to work in couples but others produced what were essentially monologues, and one or two brave people did duologues by voicing two characters having a conversation. Stephen’s set-ups encouraged inventiveness and we had it in spades!

I loved the home-owner returning to find his sitting room painted pink (instead of green) and the ensuing dispute with the workman, a nightmare long-haul flight with the passengers from hell on either side of the poor traveller, the pensioner’s day out, the day at the races, a desperate salesman and many, many more. And who could forget the determination of a modern Casanova to ‘deflower a virgin’ – I am quoting, honestly!!

As so often, the underlying theme of the evening was hilarity, and the result was some truly excellent writing.

No meeting next week, as it is a Bank Holiday, and Monday,11th May is a reading week, the optional theme, is Timed Out.     Sally


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