Emergency Workshop!

As I only found out minutes before leaving the house that Martin was not going to be there for his workshop, this one was a bit off the cuff. I asked the Group to spend ten minutes walking round the WVS Centre, where we meet, using some of their senses, ie sight, smell, touch (I excluded taste!) to find something that would inspire them.  And, as always, the writing that ensued was varied and entertaining – Shorelinkers always rise to a challenge!

We had promiscuous aliens emerging from a sea mist, leprechauns frustrated by height problems, a lament for our fast-disappearing libraries, a killer house-plant (with apologies to John Wyndham) and an extraordinary poem reflecting the thoughts of a ninety-year old lady on the aging process. And that is just a small sample!

Also, there was a very moving tribute to Shorelink itself, from Tony M. We heard this week that that one of our founder members, Henry Dallimore, had died. Henry moved to America a few years ago, but never lost touch, writing to us and phoning regularly. We love it that so many of our members stay in touch, wherever life takes them, and we shall miss you, Henry.



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