Alvin’s Workshop

Alvin carried Ro’s theme from our last workshop one step further – write a whole Chapter One was his instruction.  But this was Alvin, so it was never going to be that simple. We each had to pick two characters from the drawings/photos he provided, one to represent evil, the other good. Needless to say, the pictures were outlandish, sexist, bizarre and huge fun. Our first chapter had to ‘create pain and suffering for the good person, and latent wrongdoings for the evil person.’  The giggle level was high, but seventeen people got their heads down and wrote seventeen  Chapter Ones – and yes, they were all outlandish, sexist, bizarre and huge fun!  Which just about sums up the workshop. Great stuff, Alvin!

Next week’s optional theme: War Games. See you there.      Sally


One thought on “Alvin’s Workshop

  1. I was amongst the privileged few to be inspired, nay transported, by the hand of that ‘Maestro of Words, Alvin, last night.
    In the middle of the night, I was awakened by an ethereal beam of light coming through our window. Divine inspiration? I am no poet, so you shall be the judge.
    I dedicate this work to my dear friend, Alvin, who will doubtless bequeath it to the Nation. I have called it, ‘The Song of Alvin.’

    There once was a nun from Torbay,
    Said, ‘In this cell I can no longer stay.
    I won’t stop to rabbit,
    In my full leather habit,
    I’ll go and ask Alvin to play.

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